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Have you just installed Drupal and are wondering where the rich text editing capability is?

14th May 2013
Categories: drupal

In theory Drupal supports multiple WYSIWYG text editors via its WYSIWYG module, found at:

Once you're on the website, download the latest compatible recommended version (see foot of page) - tar.gz format is fine.  You can then install this via your Drupal control panel (on the modules page in your drupal installation, click "+install new module", then once it's installed, follow the link to enable).

Now you have the WYSIWYG module, do you have any WYSIWYG editing?  Not yet!  First you need to configure the module, and upload any supporting editor you want.

In Drupal control panel, go to the modules page again.  Now click the link to configure the WYGIWYG module. This takes you to a list of supported editors (installed editors are shown n a different colour).

At time of writing, the current Drupal/WYSIWYG version is a little out of date, and does not integrate seamlessly with any of the following, or there are other problems as listed:

  • TinyMCE
  • JWysiwyg
  • OpenWYSIWYG (does not support chrome)

We are currently using nicEdit.  If you follow the download link from the WYSIWYG configuration page, you can download and then upload the nicEdit folder structure (NB. nicedit, no caps) to the folder path given.

Once done, you need to go to "configuration" - "content editing" again and enable nicEdit for filterd/full html editing (the user has a choice of these and plain text when editing; choosing "Full" for example, will only display what you've selected as the "Full" option).

FINALLY you need to go and configure the niceEdit tool and enable buttons - then they will appear on the editor toolbar and you have WYSIWYG editing, phew!


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