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Oxford Web is a division of Alberon Ltd.

Rolling Audits


For our existing customers we offer a similar service to website audits but with built-in work on website improvements.  With 'rolling audits' we follow a pattern every 3 months designed to make your website more visible, more engaging, and work harder for your business.

  • Firstly we run a cut down version of the website audit report covering critical areas or areas not analysed within the last year.
  • Then we get your go-ahead for a number of content or function changes in line with the report.  We tailor these to the quarterly price of the rolling audit, so they are usually items that can be completed within 4 developer hours.
  • We set up any necessary measurements to make sure the changes are having an effect.
  • Finally we discuss with you how your business and the website can work together better.

Small changes to a website can help acheive major improvements for the website and for the organisation.

A rolling audit costs £200+VAT per quarter on top of any regular support/hosting costs.  For £200 you will receive all of the above including four hours of developer time.  Additional work is billed at the normal rate of £75+VAT/hour

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