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Oxford Web is a division of Alberon Ltd.

The process of building a website that works

Here at Oxford Web, we start the process of building any website with a "requirements" phase, during which we seek to understand the aims of your business or organisation and the role of the website in fulfilling those aims.

The requirements phase usually consists of a meeting with the account manager and one of our software developers, a meeting with our graphic designer, and the production of a document outlining website requirements in detail.

We normally follow this with the "prototyping" phase. We believe prototypes are important because by bridging the gap between a written document and the end product, they make it quicker, easier and more cost effective to reach the stage where the website software is finished.

During the prototyping phase we build a complete set of screens with clickable buttons and links, but no working software for inputting or outputting information. For example you cannot buy a product using the prototype, but you may be able to move between catalogue, basket, and checkout web pages by clicking links. Once the prototype is built we usually also meet up to discuss the way forward. During this stage the website design is usually also approved.

The next phase is building the website software. We normally build using an open source content management system as a base, which means that all of the software we build is easy for other developers to build on if you ever need to take it in-house. It also means that many basic website functions such as blogging are already built in and we don't re-invent the wheel.

As we progress the website, we keep you informed of progress via a test website and an online bug tracking tool. Communication is fluid and our team members talk directly to the relevant people in your team, while our account manager will keep an eye on overall project status.

While this is happening we also make sure that we have covered the various technical requirements such as buying your domain name, sorting out email, and making sure that the website is compatible with all major browsers, operating systems and screen sizes, and the W3C accessibility standards, which ensure accessibility for all.

When you're ready, we'll deploy the website (make it 'live'). But the story doesn't end there. We offer ongoing support, help with website marketing including search engine optimisation, hosting, backups, and further development as and when it is needed.


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