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Oxford Brookes University Business School

Oxford Brookes University Business School

Oxford Brookes University is one of England's leading modern universities. In the Business School leading researchers work regularly with undergraduates and postgraduates to ensure that education is research informed as well as practice based.

Oxford Web built a website to support the Online Mentoring course. From the website you can sign up as a Mentor or register as a Mentee to search for a potential mentor.

Oxford Brookes followed up by commissioning a website for processing Applied Accountancy final papers. Early in 2015 we were also asked us to create a Virtual Open Day for accounting, finance and economics. This included a live Q&A session utilizing chat and video streaming.

Jane Towers-Clark, Head of Department, Accounting, Finance and Economics, says:

"The BSc in Applied Accounting is a unique partnership between the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and Oxford Brookes University which enables students to gain the BSc Honours degree in Applied Accounting while they work towards achieving their professional qualification.

Students undertake their Fundamentals level of the ACCA accountancy qualification,complete the ACCA Professional Ethics Module and then are required to pass the Research and Analysis Project (RAP) with Oxford Brookes.

Over the last two years Oxford Brookes University have been working together with Oxford Web to design and develop an on-line submission and marking of the Research and Analysis Project and also the results release system for the BSc in Applied Accounting.

Around 2,300 students submit a RAP each submission period and there is a team of 28 markers and 10 moderators who mark the RAP’s. The on-line submission system developed enabled students from around the globe to upload, submit and pay for the RAP on line. Markers were able to access the RAP’s, complete an electronic marking feedback form and moderators were then able to access the RAP’s and provide further feedback. Grading was able to be viewed at all points in the process. Built in to the system was the ability to email out all results including feedback, to obtain confirmations from student mentors and to print results letters and transcripts.

Oxford Web and Brookes worked closely during the process, with Oxford Web attending the markers meeting to provide detailed guidance to markers on the system. Oxford Web worked with academic and administrative staff to ensure that the system was fit for purpose. Work was completed in a timely manner and within the constraints of the budget. Queries were answered promptly and professionally and any extra work was clearly signalled, costed and approval was always sought prior to undertaking the work.

Feedback from markers in relation to the system was positive even for those markers that were sceptical to moving across to online marking. The saving in terms of administrative time was substantial and the positive student experience of knowing they had submitted, paid and would receive timely feedback and results was seen as a significant improvement to the overall student experience. 

Overall this has been a very successful project that will enhance the student experience and will provide significant cost savings and that will enable management of any increased students submissions, as well as making a system that is fit for the 21st century. Well done to Oxford Web, a fantastic job and a pleasure to work with."


What has Oxford Web done for Oxford Brookes University Business School?

Some of the activities we've carried out for this customer include:

Graphic design: We created designs for both the online mentoring course ( and the Virtual Open Day ( sites

Event booking: Oxford Brookes encourages mentors on the applied accountancy course to book events through its web portal, developed by Oxford Web.

Members directory: The Oxford Brookes Mentoring website has a complex directory that allows mentees to find mentors and other mentees in their area

Mobile websites: We have produced responsive designs for Oxford Brookes.

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