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Usability Analysis

22nd April 2010
Categories: usability

Usability analysis is carried out in order to discover how real web users perceive and use a website.

It is undertaken with subjects who do not have any knowledge of the website in question. Subjects are given a series of tasks, and the observer records their opinions and behaviour while browsing the website. Once the test has been carried out, we present a full report with recommendations.

Benefits of Usability Analysis

Usability analysis takes the expert out of the web design process and identifies how real people use the site. Once usability analysis has taken place and recommendations have been put into practice, the percentage difference in user activity can be huge. Among the improvements this process can bring are:

Helping users find the product catalogue without being tempted to look at other websites.

Preventing users from dropping out of the website through frustration.

Helping users understand and trust the purchasing process.

Getting users to stay in touch with the site (e.g. via an email newsletter).

Helping existing customers to find answers to questions.

A UK shoe shop asked for our help with usability, and changes made as a result of the analysis helped to double the number of users going through the 'checkout'.

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