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The website that grew - part 13

2nd April 2014
Categories: ads, seo, tWtG

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With a working website, and Google ads bringing in traffic, the orders started coming in.

Hugh reviewed the Google ad performance with Kate after two weeks of running the campaigns.

There was an ad saying:

Cheeseboard calculator

Calculate your ideal dinner party cheeseboard

Fine cheeses shipped direct

There was also one saying:

Online cheese shop

The finest world cheeses

Direct to your door

Thanks to the way Hugh had set up Google Ad reporting, they could see that although the first ad was getting dozens of clicks, it was generating relatively few orders. It looked like people wanted the cheeseboard calculator without buying anything. So they "paused" the first ad and added a second "active" ad as follows:

Luxury cheeses

Direct to your door

From our shop in Abingdon

Hugh suggested a new review in a fortnight's time, although after the initial couple of reviews, they would not be so frequent.

Meanwhile the team in the shop had started putting on a bit of content in a 'cheese blog' and they were looking at how different keywords brought people to the site. It turned out that many visitors were locals searching for "french cheese", and because of a blog post on French cheese, and the way in which Google suggested search results from Abingdon if you were using Google from within that town, the website turned up on page 1 for that phrase.

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