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Our new design portfolio

9th May 2013
Categories: design

We operate in a funny industry. Some people think we're web designers; others see us as web developers. It has something to do with the fact that some graphic designers build websites, and some software developers build websites too.

A website doesn't just have to look good. If that were the case, it would be a one-page brochure. Websites have to work - the navigation has to work of course, but more than that, the website and its surrounding online strategy have to be thought out and engineered to make the business behind them as effective as possible, whether or not the website has 'transactional' features.

Good graphic designers, like good software developers and e-markeeters, build the needs of the business into everything they do.

At Oxford Web we're fortunate enough to have a great mix of skills in our team, including graphic design, software development, and of course business process development and e-marketing.

And while our website reflects the latter skills pretty well, up until now it wasn't really showing the very best of our graphic design.

So we've created a microsite,, to showcase the best of our graphic design work.

Hope you like it.

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