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Linked In Caching Madness

30th November 2012
Categories: caching, social media

It has been brought to our attention recently that if you share a link using "Linked In", it will cache the title and descrption of that link indefintely, so that if someone else shares it two years later and has made significant changes, the "preview" given by Linked In, which includes the page title, won't have changed from two years ago!

Say I share a link today to Green Living Energy's blog post on the new Electrical Safety Register,  The "window title", a.k.a. "meta title" of this page is "The Electrical Safety Register".  

So far so good.  

If in two years Green Living Energy have deleted their blog and post a damning indictment of the Electrical Safety Register, entitled "How the Electrical Safety Register has failed" (not likely but bear with me), and happen to post it under the same URL, i.e., and I want to share it on linked in, it will come up with the title in bold underneath my link "The Electrical Safety Register".  It won't check the title, despite the fact that it was first shared over 2 years ago.

Not a genius bit of programming - but forewarned is forearmed!

websites need words

23rd November 2012
Categories: blogging, marketing

When you walk into a shop or an office, you expect to get a feel for the owners' character, vision, and ethos. Walking into a small independent East Oxford coffee shop, for example, you might see mismatched crockery, antiques, union flags, Bovril jars, pictures of letterboxes, and war posters, which give a homely, "made in Britain" feel - whereas if you walk into a coffee shop chain you'll see a reduced colour palette, all matching crockery, smart new furniture, large scale black and white photography, and uniform typefaces and signage.

But having stepped in, your next step will be to order a coffee. If the shop owner has trained their staff well, your conversation (i.e. your "ordering experience") will be at one with the ethos of the business. Perhaps in the chain they'll refrain from certain forms of addressm like "love", or "my dear", and perhaps in the independent shop they will be more flexible about what you can have and how they can accommodate you.

A nice website design isn't enough to portray the character of a business. You need to expose some of your thoughts and ideas, your philosophy and ethics. And you can't do this with "Home", "About us", "Services" and "Contact us" alone! 

So write about what you know, what you think of the regulations surrounding your industry, what your customers are up to, and what new services and products you can offer - but above all, write!  And if you need help setting up a blog to do just this, hopefully you'll know where to come.

Networking in Oxford

5th November 2012
Categories: networking

Sad to announce, the final event of Oxford-based networking group "Ladies and Gentlemen that Lunch" has taken place.  We supported this group for a number of years with a website which:

  • Allowed the group to manage content via an online content management system
  • Allowed members to update their profiles for an online directory
  • Allowed the group to post events and take payment for events

If you're interested in networking events near Oxford, you could try Refer-On or the Late Breakfast, but if you're interested in meeting us in an informal setting to discuss websites (including design, building, and optimisation) we're planning on running a few  seminars in the new year (2013) - please register your interest here.

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