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Securing your phone

10th August 2010

A bbc article today reveals how easy it is for hackers to capture information from your mobile phone (assuming, that is, you haven't got an old Nokia 'brick' from 1996 which can't download apps).  

For those of use who started with the 'brick' or who assumed that downloadable apps lived in a kind of 'sandbox' where they couldn't affect the rest of the phone, this may come as a shock.  But it reinforces the need to apply the same principles which you may have for using your desktop computer, namely:

  • Try not to share information on the web if you are worried about it becoming public.
  • Don't download programs if you are unsure about their origin.  
  • If someone sends you an attachment, even if you know the person, don't open it unless you are 100% sure it is really from them and not harmful to your computer.

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