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Why businesses use facebook

14th June 2010

It's all too easy for facebook to polarise people - you can be totally against the 'fluff' of social networking or gung-ho and ready to try everything, scattering "social networking" links around your website like confetti.

Here are three practical uses of facebook for thinking businesses...

  • Use it as a corporate blog.  You can allow employees to post updates in a more informal setting, but in a way which shows something about how the engine of your business works.
  • Use it to post special offers.  Your customers can subscribe to see updates when they log in to facebook
  • Use it to receive customer feedback.  It's got built-in tools for user comments, and for deleting unnecessary comments and spam.

Google Analytics - Sources of Traffic

8th June 2010
Categories: analytics, seo

Once you've set up with Google Analytics (see the blog post), there's a wealth of information to explore.

The 'traffic sources' overview tells you how people are getting to your website. Within this, you can see what search engines and direct links brought people there.

Within 'traffic sources', 'Google (organic)' means that people used "Google search" rather than clicking on a google ad - preferable as you don't pay for organic links. If this statistic rises over time, your search engine optimisation is working.

Also within 'traffic sources', 'Keywords' tells you what people actually typed in to search engines to reach you. This usually gives a mixed set of results, some surprising and others not so. Using this may help you to brainstorm other words and phrases to work into your content in order to attract more traffic.

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