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27th July 2009

So you've built your website and you've got a significant number of visitors - how do you make money out of it?  Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Syndicated ads - e.g. Google Adsense.  Easy to set up but only a small amount of revenue per ad clicked.
  • Affiliate schemes - e.g. Amazon affiliates scheme.  Similar to syndicated advertising.
  • Directly sold advertising space.  Sell directly to suppliers who know your website visitors.  More work but it can be much more lucrative.
  • Selling products online.  This can be intellectual property, merchandise, coursess, consulting, etc.

Browser Quandrary

25th July 2009
Witness the ongoing Microsoft-EU browser controversy:
One wonders, in the light of our last post on Google Chrome OS, whether EU busybodies will take Google to task for creating an operating system with a built-in browser in the same relentless way they pursued Microsoft.
Google would claim that Google Chrome OS is *simply* a browser with an operating system wrapped around it, but where does that leave the validity of the case against Microsoft? 

Google Chrome.. OS

8th July 2009

Google announced today that it's working on a new Operating System (OS)... that's right, a new rival to Windows, Mac OSX and Linux, which will run on laptops and desktops.

I suppose it shouldn't be such a great shock, now that they've already developed an OS for phones, but it's amazing how far they've come in a few short years... in 1997, remember, nobody had heard of them, and then they were simply a search engine to rival yahoo and altavista. Now with their OS and online version of office, they're taking on Microsoft in a big way.

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