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29th August 2008

Earlier in the week I was asked what the future holds for computing.  Without thinking too hard, I started talking about convergence.

Convergence  has been happening (and been talked about) for many years now.  It means the process by which different electronic devices start doing more-or-less the same thing, becoming more interoperable in the process.

Walkmen and telephones became MP3 players and cellphones, which have now converged completely into one device.

Games consoles, CD players, and DVD players are now the same thing. 

What about television and internet?  You can now get the BBC iPlayer through some television freeview services.  You can of course also get computers with television receivers and remote controls, and it's not difficult to put together a piece of kit which records TV programmes as you watch, allowing pause and playback.

As we use the internet more at home, looking things up on Wikipedia for example, I can see a gap in the market for an always-on PC/TV device that does all of the above, without having to be serviced like a PC (no windows updates or disk defragmentation, for example).

Is Windows going to step up or will someone else?  We'll have to wait and see....

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