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Firefox 3: a month on

23rd July 2008

After just over a month of using Firefox 3, what's the verdict?

Nothing much has changed on the surface, except for the new drop-down address bar.  A month ago the jury was out on this, but I have to say it's been more helpful than expected, bringing previously used sites to my attention when I needed them (this works when you start typing the name of a new site).

One thing I should point out to fellow developers/designers is the Firefox plugin, Firebug.  It's an essential tool, and keeps getting better.  Use it simply to inspect a web page with your mouse, looking at css styles applied, or for the more advanced, for javascript step-by-step debugging.  Nice!

Goodbye to the mouse?

21st July 2008

The BBC website reports the demise of the computer mouse:

We're not so sure that it will die that easily.  When you can click a precise link or button by a slight movement of the wrist or finger, why on earth would you want to use mid-air hand gestures that aren't even very precise?

There's an application for hand gestures in gaming, but when you want to get on with work, there is a need to manage much more information, and that can be done best with mouse and keyboard.

Losing our Virginity

2nd July 2008

Virgin have been rapped by the ASA over download speed claims - says the bbc here:

That's not the only Virgin broadband problem we're worrying about.  Net neutrality campaigners are very concerned that Virgin plans to slow down access speeds to websites that don't make them money.  See this torrentfreak article which is one of many reports of this story. 

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