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Audits and Analysis

GraphWebsites can be measured in a variety of ways - from traffic and statistics reports to close-up analysis of real users.  Oxford Web can help advise on what is available and what is most useful, before carrying out analysis and then making improvements.

Small changes to a website can help achieve major improvements for the website and for the organisation.

Audits include a review and detailed recommendations in the following areas:

  • Google position and website popularity - using a number of tools including Google itself.
  • Traffic and visitor behaviour.
  • Usability - we measure this against user goals such as 'buy a product' or 'get in touch'.
  • Marketing 'must haves' - we check your website against eight 'must haves' which will give your site a marketing advantage.
  • Accessibility - we check whether search engines and users with disabilities can access all of your content.
  • Potential developments - ways in which the website could serve the organisation better.

Every audit comes with a full report including detailed recommendations for improving aspects of your website which need work.

Book your audit now! Contact us on 01865 596 144.

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